The history of Dialcos begins in 1959 right outside the city of Padua with a very innovative aim for time: creating and selling dietetic products for consumers with specific needs, while maintaining the taste of tradition.


In 1960 Naturalbrodo was born. It is the first vegetable granular bouillon mix in Italy, and a Natural alternative to the classic “stock cube”.


Dietetici Moderni becomes Dialcos. It is therefore decided to broaden the company horizon, which supports the production of dietary goods, with the production and sale of cosmetics.

Dialcos logo


Naturalbrodo becomes Dialbrodo, a name which has unmistakably been representing the company since 1984.

Primo pack Dialbrodo granulare 1984

Late 80’s

If at the beginning Dialbrodo found its main space in the pharmacies, in the late 80’s it arrives in the Mass Retail Channel: through supermarkets, it reaches the pantries of Italian families.

1984 Dialcos


The focus on changing consumers needs prompts Dialbrodo to innovate. Granular products are now supported by glutamate-free and organic solutions.

bio verdure


Dialcos joins the Italian Celiac Association, reformulating its recipes to achieve the most important gluten-free certification at the European level.

Logo spiga barrata aic


Dialbrodo expands its range with Gusto Ricco, Delicato, and Kappa solutions, respectively with meat extract, more vegetables, and low sodium.

4 tipologie Dialbrodo


Dialcos approaches the Kaizen philosophy and begins a process of continuous improvement. Teamwork combines skills from different business functions to ensure the best for customers.

filosofia kaizen


Liquid Dialbrodo joins the range to meet comfort and practicality needs.