Dialbrodo has always proved great sensitivity to the reliability of its products to protect the final consumer. This quality and excellence have been certified through important results.

logo spiga barrata celiachia AIC

Crossed Grain

AIC (Italian Celiac Association)

The Crossed Grain logo is a registered trademark owned by the Italian Celiac Association. It is granted only to the companies which pass strict audits on production processes and finished products.

Products bearing this symbol are suitable for consumption by coeliacs, having a gluten content lower than 20ppm (20 mg/kg).

Organic Farming

CE (European Commission)

The EU organic farming logo ensures the consumers about the origin and quality of food and drink. The logo on the products guarantees compliance with the EU Regulation on organic farming. From July 2010, all pre-packaged organic food products in the European Union must bear the EU organic logo.


BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard) are two international standards for quality certification of products in the supply chain of the Mass Retail Channel. BRC is based on quality standards that affect HACCP, working environment and controls on product and process. IFS is an international standard shared by the supply chains of the French and German agri-food Mass Retail Channel. With it, suppliers are required to comply with specific hygiene standards and good practices, valid to ensure a good level of safety and quality.