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Dialbrodo is the line of liquid and granular seasonings born in 1960 to bring the real Flavour of tradition into Italian homes, but always with a touch of innovation.

The products

Dialbrodo products can be recognized for their unique and distinctive Taste traits.

In addition to the classic seasonings that have been in the market for the last 60 years, liquid bouillons have recently been developed to make the Dialbrodo flavour even more practical.

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Quality ally

For decades over 300.000 consumers have been choosing Dialbrodo as their ally in the kitchen. A solid relationship that remains over time and is handed down from mother to daughter.

Dialbrodo consumers recognize that the graininess of the product is what makes it unique and preferred over alternatives, together with the strong «scent of vegetables» often linked to traditional recipes.

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Dialbrodo’s focus on consumer needs led the company to innovate its products and be constantly updated.

Dialbrodo relies on the collaboration of its highly qualified staff who use their experience to select daily fresh vegetables which are the basis for our preparations.

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